The Japanofiles Podcast
Welcome to the Japanofiles, a podcast about Japan. This podcast, which began in 2009, presents interviews that have been recorded in Japan. Most of the interviewees are English-speaking foreign residents of Nagano Prefecture who live in the greater Matsumoto area. They share their stories about living and working in Japan. The host of this Japan podcast, Dave Carlson, is a long-time resident of Matsumoto.

Have you ever considered teaching in Japan?  Episode 5 of The Japanofiles Podcast features Sean Mehmet, who talks about his experiences as a private school instructor and as an Assistant English Teacher (AET) with the JET Programme, as well as his current work as an Associate Professor at a Japanese university. Sean also shares his thoughts on getting a job teaching English in Japan. In addition, he talks about his Canadian ancestors' ties to Japan, which span back to the 19th century.

Key Words: JET Programme; AET; English Teaching in Japan; Shinshu University; Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan; working in Japan; job; best; podcast about Japan; Japan-related podcasts

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For this episode of The Japanofiles Podcast, Leslie Tokiwa, a fourth-generation Japanese American, joins me to talk about her experiences living and working in Japan. Topics include teaching English through the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) Programme and performing Japanese traditional music as a member of two different taiko drum ensembles.

Key Words: taiko drums, Japanese drumming; drum ensembles; podcast about Japan; Japanese music; interview; JET Programme; Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan; English-language podcast; Japan-related podcasts

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In Episode 3 of The Japanofiles Podcast, Dave talks with Jai Heward about buying a house in Japan.

Key Words: housing; accommodations; buying a home in Japan; podcasts about Japan; interview; English-language discussion; Japan-related podcast

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This episode of The Japanofiles Podcast begins with a short introduction to the Asama Onsen hot springs area of Matsumoto City. Next, David Gray, the owner of an English language school in Matsumoto, joins me to talk about his experiences teaching and running a business in Japan.

Key Words: Running a business in Japan; teaching in Japan; JET Programme; owning a language school; English-language podcast; podcasts about Japan; best; podcast about Japan; interview; Matsumoto city, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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