The Japanofiles Podcast
Welcome to the Japanofiles, a podcast about Japan. This podcast, which began in 2009, presents interviews that have been recorded in Japan. Most of the interviewees are English-speaking foreign residents of Nagano Prefecture who live in the greater Matsumoto area. They share their stories about living and working in Japan. The host of this Japan podcast, Dave Carlson, is a long-time resident of Matsumoto.

For this episode of The Japanofiles Podcast, Dave is joined by Mark Brierley, another long-time resident of Matsumoto.  Mark talks about his early interest in Japan and about his various work experiences.

Key Words: podcast; discussion; interview; what is interesting about Japan; working in Japan; Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan; best examples; Shinshu University; popular Japanese expressions; Japan-related podcasts

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Richard Robinson, the man who brought Halloween to Matsumoto, is Dave's guest for this episode of The Japanofiles Podcast.  In addition to explaining why he organized the annual Halloween in Matsumoto event, Richard talks about his early interest in Japan, as well as his reasons for moving to Japan and for settling in Matsumoto.

Key Words: podcast about Japan; Halloween in Japan; Matsumoto's best and most interesting holiday event; David Carlson, host; popular event in Matsumoto; Nagano Prefecture, Japan; Japanese events; Japan-related podcasts; interview; discussion about Japanese culture

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This "kiri-otoshi" episode of The Japanofiles Podcast features short discussions with six different guests.

Key Words: interviews; discussion about Japanese language and culture; podcast; best short clips: collection of 6 interesting and short audio segments; Japan-related podcasts; Matsumoto, Nagano-ken, Japan; David Carlson, podcast host 

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