The Japanofiles Podcast
Welcome to the Japanofiles, a podcast about Japan. This podcast, which began in 2009, presents interviews that have been recorded in Japan. Most of the interviewees are English-speaking foreign residents of Nagano Prefecture who live in the greater Matsumoto area. They share their stories about living and working in Japan. The host of this Japan podcast, Dave Carlson, is a long-time resident of Matsumoto.

Mary Aruga first came to Japan, to an all-girls high school in Kagoshima, as part of a one-year Rotary Club exchange program. She later returned to Japan to study as a university student. For this episode of The Japanofiles Podcast, Mary discusses her school experiences, and then talks about how she met her husband and settled down in his family home in Nagano Prefecture. She also discusses the challenges of learning to become "a good Japanese daughter-in-law", and she shares her thoughts on raising bilingual/bicultural children.

Key Words: Podcast about Japan; bilingual childraising; bicultural childraising; overseas educational challenges and what works best; podcasts about Japan; Nagano Prefecture, Japan

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In Episode 22 of The Japanofiles Podcast, David Varnes talks about how his interest in Japan grew slowly over many years, and why he became interested in martial arts.  He then explains his decision to move to Japan and talks about his involvement with several Japanese judo dojos, and he also explains what it is like to train and compete in Japan.

Key Words: Interview about living in Japan; English-language podcast; David Carlson, host; martial arts and training; judo; dojos; Japan-related podcasts

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