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Welcome to the Japanofiles, a podcast about Japan. This podcast, which began in 2009, presents interviews that have been recorded in Japan. Most of the interviewees are English-speaking foreign residents of Nagano Prefecture who live in the greater Matsumoto area. They share their stories about living and working in Japan. The host of this Japan podcast, Dave Carlson, is a long-time resident of Matsumoto.

For today's podcast episode, Dave talks with nine people about their experiences with the Japanese police. 

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Today's guest, James Van Lieu, first came to the Matsumoto area in the late 1980s to work for several years as an engineer at Epson. In 2010 he moved back to Matsumoto, this time under very different circumstances.  For today's Japanofiles Podcast, James talks about his experiences living and working in Matsumoto -- both then and now.

Key Words: discussion about life in Japan; interview; Matsumoto; Japan-related podcast; Shinshu; Nagano Prefecture; podcast about Japan; working in Japan


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Daniel Martin and John Koons, two members of the Matsumoto foreign community, recently went up to northeastern Japan to help with the relief effort. In today's Japanofiles Podcast, which focuses on the devastated Tohoku region, Daniel and John share their experiences of volunteering in Miyagi and Iwate Prefectures, and they also talk about traveling through the areas affected by the tsunami, earthquake, and radiation.

Key Words: Japan-related podcast interview; Fukushima nuclear disaster; Miyagi Prefecture; Iwate Prefecture: Nagano Prefecture; podcast about Japan; tsunami; earthquake; radiation

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Today's podcast guest is Winifred Bird, a journalist who lives in Matsumoto.  With interests in nature, science, and 'all things Japanese', Winnie has written about such diverse topics as rice farming, micro wind turbines, the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, affordable housing for disaster victims, the Ainu language -- even about Japanese cheese. For Episode 50, Dave talks with Winnie about her reasons for coming to Japan and about her work.

Key Words: Podcast about Japan; Fukushima Nuclear Disaster; Japan-related podcast; working in Japan; journalism; Nagano Prefecture, Japan; Matsumoto; Azusagawa; podcast interview


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Shiga-mura, formerly a small village to the north of Matsumoto city, became a part of Matsumoto during the 2005 amalgamation campaign. Today's guest, Oliver Carter, explains why he came to Japan and settled in Nagano Prefecture, and he also talks about life in the Shiga District of Matsumoto.

Key Words: Podcast about Japan; interview; Matsumoto City; Nagano Prefecture; Shiga-mura; podcast discussion; living in Japan

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Caitlin Hoffmann visits The Japanofiles Podcast to discuss her experiences of living and working in Matsumoto. 

Key Words: Matsumoto, Japan; living in Japan; podcasting; working in Nagano Prefecture; interview; Japan-related podcast

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For Episode 47 of The Japanofiles Podcast, Dave discusses jishuku as well as hanami.  He then talks with Brian O'Donovan, a native of Ireland who now lives in Nagano Prefecture.

Key words: Japan-related podcasts; cherry blossom viewing; interview about living in and working Japan; Matsumoto City, Nagano-ken, Japan; Shinshu area; mountain climbing; teaching; podcast about Japan

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Today's Japanofiles Podcast features a discussion with long-time Matsumoto resident Martin Gillis. Martin explains some of the many activities that he's involved with in the local community, and then the conversation turns to various cultural topics.

Key words: Discussion about living and working in Japan; Matsumoto; Nagano; Shinshu; Japan; podcast about Japan; Japan-related interview 

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James Brown visits The Japanofiles Podcast to talk about the joys and challenges of living in Ikusaka Mura, a small mountain village in Nagano Prefecture.  To close today's podcast, Darryl Pearce performs an original blues piece.

Key Words: Ikusaka Village, Nagano-ken, Japan; podcast interview about living in Japan; rural Japan; Japan-related conversation; podcasting; working in Japan

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Episode 44 of The Japanofiles Podcast takes up the topic of driving -- in particular, getting a Japanese driver's license. Dave talks with eight people about their experiences.

Key Words: Driving in Japan: Japanese driver's license; podcast; Japan-related podcasting; interview program; discussion about life in Japan

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